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Shamanic and Eastern Healing Practitioner and Animal Communicator

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanism is as old as humanity itself. This ancient healing practice has been honed over thousands of years yet remains as relevant and accessible today as when it first developed, for humans still become dis-eased and in need of healing.

From a shamanic perspective the whole universe is made up of moving energy, or 'spirit' and everything within this universe, be it animate or inanimate, has its own innate energetic intelligence, or soul.  Because the shaman understands this simple truth; that at our core we are all made of the same energy he/she is able to communicate with all things in the universe; be they invisble spirit, tree, rock or person. They are also able to travel beyond the confines of physical reality and into other invisible spiritual realities that have a profound influence on our own, collectively known as the "Otherworld".  

Through this process the shaman can assist in healing any imbalances that are occurring for a person in their lives, as outer symptoms will always have a direct energetic root cause, being that that is what we are made of. The shaman travels directly to this energetic cause of illness and assists in healing whilst also helping align the person with their energetic core/ soul; allowing them to tap into the vast storehouse of wisdom and healing there.  This returns them into harmony with life wherevy healing naturally occurs.

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