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What is Dar'Shem Healing?

  What is Dar'Shem: The Healing Art of Sophia

  Dar' Shem is a re-membered healing art in which the initiated channel the Light of Sophia through their bodies to help others. The ability to do this is transferred
from Master to Student through a process of initiation and instruction. The attunement never wears off and cannot be lost. However, one's ability does grow from the time of the attunement onward through practice and repetition. As long as one is in Her service, one is in Her care.

  Dar'Shem is a powerful Wisdom-centered spiritual technology, with 12 symbols that act  specifically and powerfully. Some symbols deal with issues such as releasing negativity down to the DNA level, piercing through illusion, and bringing forth abundance from its true Source. The nine remaining symbols are specific to other concerns, and in combinations create the ability and capacity to change, flourish and grow towards wholeness and harmony.
  We have found Dar'Shem works quite well by itself and is compatible with other healing modalities.
  Dar'Shem does not stop with helping others. It is also a powerful method of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional transformation, enabling the initiated to
and arise!
   It is the feeling of more than one current Dar'Shem Master that the Great Work can be more effectively completed as we re-member Sophia, the Divine
Mother, and She re-minds us.

                                       A brief synopsis for Reiki practitioners and other energy workers   By Brother Douglas

   The system  known as Dar' Shem has the double connotation in some Semitic languages of Dar-household, and Shem-the Name, possibly an allusion to the famous Jewish healers and mystics who used the secret name of God to perform their wonders; like Baal Shem-Tov, the great Ukranian wonder worker who
founded the Hasidim in the 18th century.
Dar' Shem is an energy based healing system along the lines of Usui Reiki, which came from the Buddhist Medicine tradition, though via Tibet instead of China.
Unlike Reiki however it is still almost entirely  an oral tradition, and there are not dozens of books about it, someof which even print the symbols for the public to see.
 There are four levels from novice to Master Teacher, and each level has its own triad of symbols, making twelve in all. It thus easily correlates with the 3 x 4 systems of
European metaphysics, as in the create, sustain, destroy triple law applied to the four seasons, which produces all of astrology, and a similar correlation among the four elements to make a filing system for much of alchemy.   
  These Dar' Shem symbols are learned by the student, as in Reiki, and are placed in the electric field of his or her body during an attunement process. though that process is somewhat different from the Reiki ways. The attunements have produced a minor cleansing process in initiates, but the majority of them have already
been through the Reiki 21 day cleansing period.  Because of this we cannot say much about the cleansing that may occur in absolute novices in energy work. One
of the big pluses in Dar' Shem energy work is the twelve symbol armamentarium.  Some of these symbols act very specifically, though gently. Both Reiki and
Dar' Shem seem to have a Buddhist Medicine background, and a more complete knowledge of the Usui handbooks is needed to make known the other  techniques, untaught in the West.Frank Ajava Petter has found the facts about the Usui legend.  He runs a translation service in Tokyo and has published a translation of Usui's Handbook that he gave to his students, and several other books about the true history of Reiki.  And in May 2001 was brought out The Spirit of Reiki by Petter, Lubeck and Rand which is the definitive book on the subject. These are all published by Lotus Light-Shangri La, and are available in all bookstores. One day the same service may be provided for Dar' Shem,  with an exploration and understanding of the connection to  other Reikis. However, until that time, if it ever arrives, we invite all Reiki and other energy workers who are aware of the value of the feminine in healing modalities, to learn about Dar' Shem.Everyone in the Dar' Shem Association at the moment is currently a Master teacher in Reiki, some in more than one school, and all are Dar' Shem Masters after considerable experience in other fields.
   Do I have to embrace or convert to a certain religion? In a word: No. Although Dar' Shem looks to Wisdom Sophia for guidance in healing and other matters, Dar' Shem is not a religion. Dar' Shem initiates come from various  religious backgrounds and healing modalities. The terms of initiation do not include a set system of belief, rather relies on the experience of Dar' Shem to formulate the initiate's perceptions of the Divine and the world we live in. The Dar' Shem Association will never attempt to convert anyone to a certain faith.The very nature of Dar' Shem questions the practice of the separation of various religious traditions. The story goes that system was passed on to Chinese Buddhists who then taught it to a Jewish man, who brought it into a Muslim household, and then into a Coptic monastery.
  We currently  initiate only those who are Masters or above in Reiki or a related energy healing modality. This is because we are then working with those who 1) are opened to a channel of the Universal Life Force with which we are already familiar, and 2)are already familiar with the cleansing that ofttimes occurs when one is attuned to a modality of energy. Those who are not Reiki Masters can easily receive the attunements, with great benefit, either from our network of Dar' Shem initiates or from other Reiki Masters.
  The terms of initiation into this tradition are that one is ethical and lawful when working with Dar' Shem , especially when it comes to helping others.
  Beyond this, one is free to interpret and explore Dar' Shem as one wishes, developing new techniques and ideas to share with others with the understanding that information intended for initiates should be discussed only with initiates. Unlike traditions that have become fragmented by those seeking personal gain from copyrighting insights they receive, we hope Dar' Shem will maintain a tradition of sharing.

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