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What Is Spirit Extraction


Spiritual intrusions are caused by negative thought forms and unresolved feelings which create a block of energy. They can manifest as localized illness or pain. An example of this is when we are around someone who gives off “bad vibes” and then we find ourself exhausted after spending time with them.  These vibes can actually have an adverse effect on our energy bodies causing blockages.  Being around emotional situations with no change can have the same effect. 

Extraction is a very active form of Shamanism where the Shaman uses a combination of techniques to remove, release, balance, and bless a person in their body, in present time. It is especially helpful for people who confront or live around negative thoughts and energies. It is helpful in treating depression, as well as physical trauma due to illness, accident or abuse. Extraction often helps people to feel lighter, healthier, and more comfortable. It returns sacred order.

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