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Shamanic and Eastern Healing Practitioner and Animal Communicator


Please choose from the following services.  After checkout I will email you to discuss a suitable time and date to perform the service.  Most of these need to be done laying down (with the exception of the Tarot reading, numerology,  Animal Communication, and Reiki).  Thank you for allowing me to help you heal and find the answers you are seeking. 

For Animal Communication I will need a picture of your pet and it's first name emailed to me.  I will connect with your pet and give you the information on the date we agree.  


Reiki Healing- 10.00 GBP for one half hour.  I will send you healing for any situation, for the best positive outcome. I utilize all 4 earth elements using Tera Mai Seichem Reiki.  I can also send Reiki to your pets.  


Soul Retrieval- 75.00 GBP  Please see the tab about "Soul Retrieval 


Animal Communication- 50.00 GBP to communicate with your animal.  Please see the Animal Communication tab for more information. 


Power Animal Retrieval- 40.00GBP to retrieve your Power Animal.  Please see the Power Animal tab for more information


Numerology Report- 30.00 GBP.  In depth Numerology Report, I will need your full name at birth, the first name most people call you now, and your date of birth.  I do not need to know your time and place of birth.  Please see the tab for more information. 


Tarot Card Reading-10.00 GBP  Choose from The Wolf Pack, Medicine Card, Anubis, or Druid Oracle.  Any spread.  Please see the Tarot Tab for more information. 


Chakra Balancing- 25.00 GBP Please see the Chakra tab for more information. 

Herbal Remedies (similar to Bach's, yet more potent) for your specific situation.  Please see the tab about Bach's for selection.  

Ancestral Healing- Please see the page about this.  Because it is an in-depth healing, it requires much more work, thus more time is involved.

  200.00 GBP







The Hollow Bone

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