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As I walk my path today I will take time to breath in life, allowing the fullness of Great Spirit to flow through me in such a way that I am flowing with love unconditional and acceptance.

As I walk my path today I will unleash my passion in my body, mind and spirit so that my life will be a blessing to all I  meet along the way as I fulfill my destiny in a loving and accepting way. 

As I walk my path today I remain ever grateful for the people who have blessed my life and in whose love and acceptance I have been nurtured and healed. 

As I walk my path today I fill my body, mind and spirit with many prayers of deep gratitude for all that I have received along the way. 



As I walk my path today I serve all that I am called to serve with unconditional love and acceptance. 

As I walk my path today I am an example of the way and allow the true rhythm of my body, mind and spirit to be fully expressed. 

As I walk my path today I walk it now with a sense of exploration and wonder. I let love and acceptance be revealed in all things and all ways.  

As I walk my path today I allow myself to feel joy all the way.

As I walk my path today I am a peaceful warrior.  



Sacred Reciprocity:  Today for You; Tomorrow for Me;



The Name of God as a Mantra

In the case of the Hebrew tradition, there are 72 names of God, each representing some aspect of God. In the Islamic tradition, there are 99 names of God, which again represent various aspects of God. Many people believe Hinduism has many gods, but again, each individual god in Hinduism represents some aspect of the ultimate reality which is beyond thought or conception.

Here are some examples of spiritual mantras:

  1. Om Namah Shivaya – sanskrit for: “I honor the God within.”
  2. Soham or Hamsa – sanskrit for: “I am That.”
  3. El Shaddai – A Hebrew name for God, translated as “God Almighty”
  4. Elohim – Another Hebrew name for God, translated as “to whom one has recourse in distress or when one is in need of guidance”
  5. Allah – The Islamic name for God
  6. Govinda – One of the Hindu names for God, which refers to God’s power as he pervades everything
  7. Om Shreem hreem shreem kamale kamalalye Praseeda, Praseeda, Om Shreem hreem shreem Om Mahalakshmi Namaha--Maha Laxmi Yantra for prosperity
Mantras should be chanted in repetition.  When using a Japa Mala, they should be chanted 108 times.  Some mantras are chanted on specific days of the week during a puja.
During my years of chanting I found a website that was very powerful to me.  I purchased malas and other sacred items from this on-line store which may be of help to you.




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