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Quotes I had a Soul Retrieval done recently by Danelle and Pudge and WOW what they brought back was a soul fragment that left from trauma, while I was a child. Im now "whole" again and can move on with my journey. I also found out my power animal is a "spider". Danelle and Pudge complete each other and "THANK YOU" again for bringing my soul fragent home. YOU TWO are AMAZING! ~Love & Hugs~ Julie-Indiana Quotes
Soul Retrieval

Quotes WOW! I had a numerology report by Danelle and it fit me like a glove! The report was detailed,in depth,and easy to follow. There was also "lightbulb moments"..AMAZING! Thanks Danelle,so glad we crossed paths and you ARE GIFTED!! ~Peace~ Julie Quotes

Quotes It was with a lot of curiosity that I approached Danelle Devi for a Soul Retrieval. I had an awful cough that just wouldn't go away and I was ready for anything at the time. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, probably because I'd tried so many things until then that I didn't want to be disappointed yet again. To cut a long story short, my cough is loads better and what's more, I have my power animal to rely on, my sleep has improved and I feel great! It's a healing process and one where the effects are felt quite quickly. Danelle Devi is a professional who gives her best to the client. The information was spot on and though she knew hardly any of the background, she hit the nail on the head. The healing continues, and I am so grateful to Danelle Devi for the Soul Retrieval she did for me. Blessings to her. Quotes

Quotes Danelle is very professional and accurate with the work she does. Thank you for the retrieval which is so very accurate. Thank you for teaching me how to journey. I recommend Danelle for any healing work you need. Quotes
Soul Retrieval and Journey

Quotes Thank you for the Soul Retrieval and the Tarot Card reading. I am just blown away at how accurate you are! Your follow up afterwards is very refreshing and I am very thankful for your services. Quotes

Quotes so spot on and accurate! I did the tarot, Soul Retrieval, and Numerology report. I am definitely keeping you as my go to guru! Quotes

Quotes I contacted Danelle about my cat and dog who had died. What she told me was spot on and amazing that she knew these things. My mind is at ease knowing they are still here with me and never left. I feel so good having had this experience to re-connect with them again. Quotes
Animal Communication Experience

Quotes Danelle performed a Soul Retrieval on me a few weeks back. What she brought back was amazing and it has really healed things that have been going on. She is with you through the entire process and after. Mine was done via distance, so I imagine in person is even better. Thank you Danelle. Quotes
Satisfied Soul Retrieval

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  • "I recently had the blessing of a Soul Retrieval by Danelle & Pudge who brought back my lost soul fragment that left when I was about 8 yrs old from trauma. While doing the retri..."
    Soul Retrieval
  • "My dog recently passed. I asked Danelle to communicate with him before and after his passing. Danelle shared how I could make him more comfortable until he passed. When I did..."
    Animal Lover
  • "I am still in shock and awe! Danelle is powerful and a beautiful healer! Blessings to you for the work you did for me. Just WOW!!!"

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