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Ancestral Healing

We carry in our bodies the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain, and grief of our ancestors. Often times we are unconscious of how the energy of old family wounds informs how we think and act in everyday life. This is why we see patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health and many other traits passed down through generations. From a shamanic perspective, these traits are seen as energetic imprints in our Luminous Energy Field (read Illuminations) which need to be cleared so the ancestral pattern ceases to inform our behavior or health.

In my practice I have found that many people with traumatic family histories need ancestral healing for personal healing to occur.

Ancestral imprints may manifest as:

  • A debilitating belief or emotion which you share with other members of your family lineage.
  • A particularly destructive behavior such as substance abuse, addiction or incest which runs through your family
  • Health problems or accidents that appear in “themes” along a male or female lineage. For example: men of the family having heart attacks in their mid 40’s or back injuries that befall women of the family at a particular age.

Ancestral healing involves clearing the imprint from our body by integrating several different shamanic healing methods. Generally this requires several sessions which would include an Illumination, extraction, soul retrieval and the spirit releasing of deceased relatives. Ancestral healing helps us step out of the patterns we have lived so we can walk our path with clarity and make peace with our family histories.  For one of these healings I require you to engage with me going over from the time you were born until now.  You would also need to make an offering to your ancestors.  This will be guided by me.


I also teach ancestral healing workshops.  Please inquire if you would like to arrange a workshop one on one or with a group.  You must have basic Shamanic journeying skills.


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