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 " A sacred life cannot be taken for granted.  Every moment we are engaged, life asks us to be fully present."-- Author Unknown

Thank you so much for reading this page! I am a Tera Mai Seichem Reiki Master, Dar'Shem Master, Tarot Card Reader, Animal Communicator, Numerologist, and Shaman. My path began many years ago after experiencing an incredible loss, which in turn helped me to develop incredible gifts. I started chanting Sanskrit mantras to help in different situations because of my loss. I give credit to  two beautiful canine beings for helping me to embark on my spiritual path (which included being attuned to Reiki in order to heal/transition a beloved canine who was battling cancer). After being attuned to the Violet Flame & YOD, I felt even more energy, intuitive-ness, and a vibrational rise in my awareness and energy.  From this I further developed my intuition and psychic awareness, becoming more in tune to communicating with animals.  After asking for a sign to know when to let an animal go to the bridge, I made a promise to my beloved pet I would communicate with her and we were not leaving each other except in the physical form. I received help and guidance from my mentor, Kathy Paradise.

Over the years I also discovered/developed my awareness and energetic ability in tarot cards, numerology, crystal healing, runes, (and more) and finally my path to Shamanism- which includes journeying for clients for a specific problem, Soul Retrievals, Power Animal Retrievals, Soul Retrieval for a body part in pain, and Disassociation. It's been a long road and I gave up a few times because of my own fears, however Spirit guided me to complete this and continue my work.  I know that Shamanism has helped me immensely with the work I do with animals. 

After the loss of a loved one 12 years ago, I started experiencing moments/times where Spirits were visiting me.  At first I was afraid, but then realized I just needed to "tune in".  Many shadow people were in my home trying to show me things.  My beloved canine could see Spirits or ghosts in my home and let me know they were there, if I hadn't noticed first. This was shown via the dog staring at a closed door, fur raised on her back and growling.  Keep in mind, I don't believe there are evil spirits or ghosts.  They are just "stuck".  After several years of this, I finally blessed my house and it all disappeared.  I realized it was me who was causing the souls or ghosts to stay because I was not ready to let go. 

My intuitive ability keeps glowing AND growing--I just only came to find out my path actually started when she was younger.  I had many "deja vou" experiences as a little girl from grabbing the door handle of an old Victorian house I lived in and knowing this was the same door from 100 years prior, to the walkway I was on knowing this wasn't the first time I had been there,  to "scents and smells" I had only known in past lives, as well as meeting people I knew Ihad met in other lives. All of this was coming to me when I was a child, a little girl, and I brushed it off or was to scared to talk about it. 

Working with my Spirit Guides, Spirit Teacher, and the Angels, I continue to develop my abilities which now includes energy art work--painting pictures which my guides and Spirit tell me during journey work.  Most often times I am told to paint or draw specific things to help with the work I am doing.  It is a great experience and so many things come through when I am least expecting it.  

Arch Angel Michael is always here with me as well as the healing angels!!!

Just recently during a Soul Retrieval class, one of my rescue dogs came through during the middle of the retrieval to tell me how upset he was at not receiving the attention I normally gave him.  He was angry my schedule has been so hectic! He told me he created an eye problem (it had been tearing up) so I would notice him more, yet I was only giving it medicinal healing...not the LOVE healing he was used too.  This experience was very intense and profound for me. I felt the intense emotions and pain that he was feeling.  When the class was over I made sure I honored him completely and now our relationship has improved immensely.   I remind myself just as I need to be told things, I need to remember to tell my animals that I love them, what I am going to do, etc if my schedule changes.  

I am quick to point out I am only the tool or "hollow bone" (as they say in Shamanism) to receiving the messages, energy, etc, and my guides or YOUR guides are the ones doing the work.  You wouldn't be here reading this bio otherwise. ~ Namaste ~ AHO~ 




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